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Eco Coco Critter : les meilleurs matelas pour animaux de compagnie

Coco Critter  was founded in early 2016 by pet lovers who are dedicated to making pet products that pets like and are good for the envir...

Coco Critter  was founded in early 2016 by pet lovers who are dedicated to making pet products that pets like and are good for the environment. Coco Critter’s charter is to provide an alternative to synthetic and recycled-synthetic pet beds that is eco-friendly and is designed to make your pet more comfortable than traditional pet beds. Coco Critter has active ingredients that fight ticks, fleas, bacteria and provide powerful odor control.

We would like to invite You to participate in our effort to “make our planet great again” by introducing to the U.S. market our unique Eco Friendly pet bed made exclusively in Europe and built with comfort technology.

Did you know?  

On average pet owners throw away a pet bed every 6 months. Like beds for human’s pet beds are disposed of in dumps and landfills creating irreversible ecological impact. Since 2012 our team has been working to develop a material for your pet’s bed that is completely biodegradable and built in a sustainable manner.  Coco Critter is made of natural coconut fibers collected from fallen coconuts and natural latex which is extracted from rubber trees with no adverse effect on the tree. The Coco Critter mattress is coated with microcapsules that provide the Coco Critter Comfort Technology features and are 100% biodegradable as well.

Our goal at Eco Coco Critter is to provide unique experience for our pets while contributing positively to our planet and give back through charitable donations. We would absolutely love to have You involved and show your fans and the major media that you are making a difference not only for the animals but also for our planet.

You can contact me at (833) 326-2626 or eric@cococritter.com


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Habiter aux USA: Eco Coco Critter : les meilleurs matelas pour animaux de compagnie
Eco Coco Critter : les meilleurs matelas pour animaux de compagnie
Habiter aux USA
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